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Choosing an apartment is an interesting and emotionally rich process, but after you have chosen your “one and only” apartment, there are several steps that must be taken for the keys to the apartment to be in your hands. What are these steps?

Choose apartment

Initially, you choose an apartment and it is not available to anyone else until the contract is signed.

Pay from your personal finacial resources

When you are ready to pay the amount of the apartment with personal funds or with the additional financing support of the bank of your choice.

Financing from bank

We cooperate with SEB banka, which will provide you with detailed, fast and comprehensive advice on lending opportunities, because they fully know all the information about our project. The basic conditions for applying for financial support from the bank are:

  • Stable, regular and sufficient income to meet credit obligations. The bank evaluates your declared income – salary, business income, rent, etc.
  • Positive credit history. Before granting a loan, your current financial obligations are assessed. A positive credit history consists of timely fulfillment ofobligations.
  • Monthly loan payment. It may not exceed 40% of your net income together with your other loan and lease payments.
Sign a reservation agreement

We conclude a reservation agreement with you for the specific apartment you have chosen. This agreement confirms and guarantees that the apartment of your choice is yours.

Enter into a tripartite credit agreement

This is an agreement that you enter into with “Apiņu iela” and SEB bank on receiving additional financing for the payment of the apartment.

Deposit 10% of the reservation amount into the "Apiņu iela" account

If you are ready to transfer the amount of the apartment with your personal funds or with the additional financing support of your chosen bank, then the next step is to deposit 10% of the reservation amount. One option is to pay this specific amount to the project implementer’s “Apiņu iela” account. If the apartment is not built for unknown reasons, you will receive a refund.

Deposit 10% of the reservation amount in the SEB bank transaction account


If you are ready to transfer the amount of the apartment yourself or with the additional financing support of SEB banka, then the next step is to pay 10% of the reservation amount. You can deposit this specific amount into SEB banka’s escrow account. Escrow account provides security guarantee for both buyer and seller, because the bank pays out money only when the transaction has actually taken place and the property documents have been drawn up



BALTA apartment insurance

Our cooperation partner in insurance is AAS BALTA – the leader of the Latvian non-life insurance market with 29 years of experience and the most beloved insurance brand in Latvia, which has been recognized as the most honest insurer 17 times*.

BALTA offers:

  • the broadest insurance coverage without hidden conditions,
  • possibility to connect automatic monthly payment,
  • fast, convenient, responsive service and Home Help service 24 hours a day.

In addition to your home insurance, BALTA will also take care of:

  • insurance of the auxiliary premises of the apartment and property in them, if property insurance has been selected,
  • balcony, terrace decoration insurance,
  • roof renovation work above the apartment, etc. risks if the apartment is located in the attic.

To insure an apartment, you only need to know its area. Contact us and receive an offer!

* Brand Capital, LETA and SKDS research

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